One set that I make includes backgrounds, picture, buttons

and a blank button which you can use the way you want.

You can have the text in both english and norwegian.

I make the sets in Frontpage or Dreamweaver.


When you buy a webset that I have made it will be only for you.

This means that when a set is sold no one else can buy it or use it.

As soon as a webset is sold it will be removed from my site.

As soon as I have recieved payment for the set you will recieve a zipfile

including all you need, also the finished page.

The only thing you need to do is to put your own text into the site and it's

finished to be uploaded to the internet.

If you want different text on the buttons I will make that to you.

I can also make the webset personally for you with your own photos and text.

One webset costs €40, or about 58 USD.

If you want a homesite made only for you I will make them after your wishes.

We can discuss the price on this.

If you find something interesting, please send me an email.

These webset are now for sale:



© Homesite / webset / graphic made in Paint Shop Pro by Maggie